Evangelos Kaimakis presents The Under at the Kountouriotis Museum of Hydra, July 8th-10th

The exploration of the sea is a fascinating and meaningful experience of great significance, for it brings us closer to the awe, the uninviting, the extraordinary. Evangelos Kaimakis takes part at the Eleventh Plateau Festival with an audiovisual installation that aims to recreate the experience of being underwater.
An underwater camera, submerged in the port of Hydra looking upwards towards the surface of the water, will be transmitting live audio and sight on a ceiling of the Kountouriotis Museum of Hydra. The installation will last only for three days, opening on Friday, July 8th in the evening and ending on Sunday 10th.

The Eleventh Plateau Festival is an annual international exhibition that is held from July to October at the Hydra Historical Archives Museum and the Kountouriotis Museum on the island of Hydra, and in four cities (Berlin, London, Osaka, Prague).

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