Kleoni Manoussakis, Three Lines Performance @ E.D.W. ΠΕΜΠΤΗ/THURSDAY 22.11.2012

We are happy to invite you to the new performance of Kleoni Manoussakis Three Lines, that will take place only once at E.Δ.Ω. on Thursday, 22nd of November, 2012, at 21.00.
In this performance the artist Kleoni Manoussaki will take the place of the calligraphy brush. She will be suspended from the ceiling, feet up, while the viewer is invited to paint with her hair on the canvas rolled out on the floor beneath her. By adapting an old idea in performance art, the idea of painting with ones body, the performer once more takes the place of the artistic tool (the brush). This time, though, it is the visitor that plays the role of the artist (the painter). The art work can start only when the viewer decides to step up and take the role of the creator, and only then the relationship between the two can begin and the story can start to develop. The focus is not only on what will be produced on the canvas but mainly on the human contact between the performer-artist and visitor-painter that is a necessary component for the art work.

This performance will take place in several distinctive places, the lime factory Krinos, gallery M55 and Ε.Δ.Ω.

This performance is the opening of the artist new work, Virtual Residency NY-ATHENS. Art As A Statement. In this series, Kleoni chooses spaces in New York, spaces that hold an artistic agenda. Those spaces will activate a new art work on the other side of the Atlantic. These works will be short experiments, like a sketch book and their intention is to draw on someone else’s inspiration; the history of the space, some other artists statement or whatever else may develop.

For the commencement of the virtual residency, the chosen space is the Fire Lotus Zen Center of New York City in Brooklyn NY, where you can learn calligraphy. I have chosen three spaces in Athens to present the work. So its calligraphy that initiated the idea on which I ground this work on.

All works will be presented weekly on Kleoni’s blog http://www.kleoni.net/blog/?cat=24

In collaboration with Camilo Bentancor.
Dates and times of the performance
Tuesday 20 November at 9.00 p.m., Gallery M55, Mavromixali 55, Athens, Greece,contact@m55projects.gr
Thursday 22 Novemder at 9.00 p.m., E.Δ.Ω. Profitou Daniil 18, 18,210-6124994, www.e-d-w.gr

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