The Prism GR 2010 Meetings @ Ε.Δ.Ω.

We are happy to offer our space for the presentation and brainstorming meeting of a very interesting project. The Prism GR 2010 is a collective multimedia exploration and documentation of Greece throughout the winter of 2010. Through the lenses of 13 up-and-coming photojournalists The Prism GR 2010 will attempt to synthesize a series of different perspectives, presenting them in a feature length documentary film, an extensive multimedia website and a gallery exhibition. The collaborators for this project are:

The Photographers:

Yannis Biliris, Angeliki Aristomenopoulou, Olga Stefatou, Giorgos Moutafis, Gerasimos Domenikos, Chryssa Panousiadou, Christoforos Loupas, Pavlos Fysakis, Yannis Kolesidis, Dimitris Michalakis, Javier Merelo, Michael Aristomenopoulos, Achilleas Zavallis

The Journalists:

Mariniki Alevizopoulou, Gina Kalovyrna, Elinda Lambropoulou

Production & Direction / Coordination:

Nikos Katsaounis, Nina-Maria Paschalidou, Renata Konstantinou

Production Design:

Evangelos Kaimakis


Thodoris Armaos

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